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You’ve found the right place if you are looking for a title pawn but aren’t sure if it will be quick enough. Our online title pawn application will help you get your money in no time. You can be done in 30 minutes. How to start the application process for an auto title pawn online quickly?

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The 4-Step Online Title Pawn Application Process

  1. Please complete the online application form found on our website.
  2. Relax and enjoy the moment. When one of our pawn specialists calls, make sure you pick up your phone. They will explain the process and answer any questions. We will also provide an address to the nearest location near Jacksonville, FL so that you can have your vehicle inspected for exact equity value and pawn amount.
  3. You will need your valid driver’s license (or other valid state-issued photo ID card), recent proof of residence, free and clear title, vehicle registration, or title receipt (this is a copy from your DMV). Jacksonville Title does not require that your vehicle is fully paid for by some borrowers. Even if your vehicle is still being financed, we may still be able to qualify you for money.
  4. You are done! Now while in one of our two offices, you can complete the paperwork and receive the money that you need the same day. We do offer a completely online process for those outside our servicing area who qualify.

How to Make Sure Your Online Title Pawn Application Does Not Get Hitch?

Now you are familiar with the easy online application process for a title pawn. It’s important to remember our tips and tricks to make sure that all five steps go smoothly.

Prepare your documents before you start

It is not easy to scrabble around looking for paperwork in a hurry. Although car title pawns are not complicated, it is necessary to have a few documents. We recommend that you gather all these documents before you come into the office to complete the application process. This will ensure that you don’t stress about any details.

How do we determine the vehicle’s value? 

Many factors contribute to the vehicle’s value. We’ll focus on the most important below so you can get the best estimate of how much you could borrow from your Jacksonville online title pawn.

  1. Age – An older car means more wear and tear. Older vehicles may be worth less than their younger counterparts. In general, vehicles lose 60% of their value within the first five years. The more recent vehicles are usually more expensive.
  2. Condition – You must keep your car in good condition to preserve its value. It is important to change your oil frequently, rotate the tires as needed, and perform routine maintenance and tune-ups. Your vehicle’s overall value will be greatly reduced if it has mechanical faults. The total value of your vehicle can be affected by cosmetic imperfections such as scratches, dents, stains, and dings. You’ll see a better resale value and a title pawn amount if you give your car the love it deserves.
  3. Make and Model – Some vehicles are more luxurious and high-performing than others and have more expensive features. These vehicles may be more valuable than regular vehicle manufacturers because of the added expensive features. You could be eligible for a higher amount of money if you have one of these vehicles that has a higher value.
  4. Odometer Reading – Take a look at your odometer. This can have a significant impact on the car’s overall value. Your car’s value will drop if it has a higher mileage. Perceived as less desirable, cars with mileage of 100,000 and above, experience a significant final drop in value at this mark. Although the car may function just fine, the value is significantly lowered because repairs would be costly.

What are your priorities?

Since you’re looking for a title pawn, you need the money to pay for something. You should ensure you know exactly what you’re going to pay with it beforehand. Otherwise, you risk wasting the money once it lands in your account. Title pawns should only be used to cover unexpected expenses or emergency financial situations.

Apply only for what you need

Once you have determined the purpose of the title pawn, calculate its cost. If you want to pay multiple medical bills, add them all together and apply for the exact amount. It’s not worth paying a large lump sum for something that was not necessary.

Find out if you can afford it

It is your responsibility to ensure that you can repay the title pawn you have received. Consider your remaining dollars and create a budget. You’re ready to go if you can comfortably (the key word here is comfortable) repay the money.

At Jacksonville Title the repayment is 30 days. In some cases, you could qualify for a 30-day interest-free title pawn.

Apply Online for a Title Pawn Right Now!

Our process is simple as we said! You can get a title pawn from Jacksonville Title by following these four steps. Our friendly, qualified staff is available to answer any questions you may have before or during the process. Contact us at either our East Location (904-880-2274) or West Location (904-353-2274).