Can I get a title loan with an electronic title?

At Jacksonville Title, we offer title loans for both Georgia and Florida customers. Both states offer an electronic title (or e-title) to vehicle owners. We have the ability to accept and approve title loans using your e-title so there is no need to visit your local DMV to obtain the paper copy for your vehicle to complete the application process for your title loan.

If you currently have an e-title through either state, there are one of two documents that you can bring in to provide proof of ownership for your vehicle instead of your title for you title loan application. We will just need to make a copy of one of the documents and will not keep the document, like we would typically do with a paper title. You will need to provide either your current registration or your title work receipt that you would have received from the DMV when you purchased your vehicle or last made a change to your title at the DMV. Most customers do not always keep up with the latter of the two options, so your registration is typically what we see customers provided in the event that their title is an electronic title.

If you are unsure if you have a paper copy or an electronic title, our representatives at Jacksonville Title can assist you with determining this for you. If you want to call our representatives at (904) 880-2274 to find out, you will need to just provide us with your Vehicle Identification Number (commonly known as your VIN) or your title number and we can pull up the records for your vehicle and help you to determine if you have a paper copy of your title or the electronic title in your state.