Do I have to have insurance on my vehicle to get a title loan?

You are required to have some level of car insurance on your vehicle in order to receive a title loan from Jacksonville Title. We do not require you to provide us with proof of insurance as part of the application process, however, we do ask for your insurance provider and policy number on your title loan application. Since we service both Georgia and Florida residents, and insurance is required to operate your vehicle and you need to drive your vehicle to our local branches at the time of your auto title loan application, we do require you to have some level of car insurance on your vehicle to receive your auto title loan with Jacksonville Title.

Unlike other title loan lenders, we will not require our customers to upgrade or maintain a full coverage insurance plan throughout the life of their account with Jacksonville Title. Some competitors will actually require you to have full coverage insurance or purchase a plan that they sell and add on additional fees and products to your title loan which does not help you in the long run because you are going to end up paying interest on the premium for the insurance policy since it is all factors into the principal balance of your loan. This is not a traditional title loan and does not allow you as the borrow to repay your account according to a schedule that works best with you. At Jacksonville Title, you have the flexibility to repay the title loan in 30 days or less, or as long as you need to keep the account active. Your principal balance on your account with Jacksonville Title will never exceed the amount of money that you receive from our branch for your auto title loan which means that you will only pay interest on the dollars that you receive from your title loan with us.

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