Do you accept Florida Titles for a title loan?

Since Jacksonville Title has been a leading title loan provider for both the Southeastern Georgia and Northeastern Florida areas for over 20 years, we are able to service both Georgia and Florida residents in our branches! If you reside in either Georgia or Florida, Jacksonville Title is the title loan lender for you, and you will not have an issue receiving a title loan with your Florida or Georgia Title.

In 2013, the State of Florida transitioned from only paper titles to electronic titles or e-titles. At Jacksonville Title, we are able to assist customers with both paper and electronic titles so if your title is already an e-title, do not worry, Jacksonville Title can still assist you with getting a title loan today! You do not need to go to your local DMV and pay the $10.00 fee that the State of Florida charges to produce a papered fast title, all you need is your registration and if your title is an e-title through the State of Florida, we can get your title loan approved with just the e-title! If you do not have an e-title, your paper title from the State of Florida will work as well!

Like Florida, Georgia has also incorporated the use of electronic titles (also referred to as e-titles) as well so we are able to accept electronically held titles through the State of Georgia to approve your title loan! Just bring your registration instead of your title and we will be able to process your application using only your registration if your title is electronically held through the State of Georgia. If you do not have a State of Georgia e-title but hold a paper title from the State of Georgia, this will work for your proof of ownership of the vehicle and your application can be processed and approved with your paper title.

Still have questions? Feel free to call our friendly Jacksonville Title Representatives to get the answers that you need at (904) 880-2274! We look forward to assisting you!