How does the payback of a title loan work?

Title Loans are easy to payback with Jacksonville Title. When you open your account, a Jacksonville Title Representative will explain the exact terms of your transaction with the branch. In general, title loans are meant to be a 30-day pawn transaction and paid back within the first 30-days however if you are unable to payback the full balance at the end of the 30-days, you have the option to pay just the accrued interest as disclosed in your pawn transaction agreement. Keep in mind that only paying the minimum payment of your transaction will cover all of the accrued interest for the first 30-days and extend the transaction for another 30-day period. We always encourage our customers to pay more than their minimum payment to extend the transaction for an additional 30-day period. When you pay more than the minimum payment on your title loan, you will be reducing the outstanding principal balance and in return, reduce the amount of interest that is accrued for the next 30-day period. The due date for your title loan will be based upon the day that you are approved and receive your funds. Since Jacksonville Title has a branch that you will visit to complete your application and receive your funds for your title loan, the entire process can be completed in as little as 20 minutes or less and you will leave the office with the funds for your title loan.

At Jacksonville Title, did you know that we also have a 30-day interest free program? This is a great option for first-time borrowers! Jacksonville Title is the only title loan lender that has a 30-day interest free promotion that is valid for the life of the loan so you do not have to pay off within the first 30-days to take advantage of the program, it is valid for the life of your loan and we will waive the last 30-days of interest when you pay off your title loan!

30-day Interest Free; Not all customers will qualify for 30 Days Interest Free Promotion. In order to qualify for the 30-day Interest Free Promotion, you must meet the following criteria: 1) Have a lien free title to your vehicle that is valued at least $1,000; 2) Have verified, documented income of at least $1,000 a month after taxes; 3) Provide an acceptable proof of Residency such as a service bill or bank statement in your name. You must open an account with Jacksonville Title in order to receive the promotion. Promotion must be requested to a Jacksonville Title representative prior to the completion of your Motor Vehicle Pawn Transaction in order to qualify. Promotion only valid one (1) time, per customer.

Want to know more about the payback of a title loan or our 30-day Interest Free Promotion? Call our friendly Jacksonville Title representatives at (904) 880-2274 to start your title loan application over the phone or answer any questions that you may have!