If my car is not in perfect shape, can I still get a title loan?

At Jacksonville Title, we are able to approve your title loan on all vehicles regardless of the age or the condition of your vehicle! Ultimately, the value of the vehicle will be factored into the amount that you will be able to be approved for on your title loan but as long as your vehicle is in working order and can be driven to one of our local branches for a quick 5-minute inspection, we will be able to process your title loan on your car, truck, SUV, or van. Some customers think that the title loan inspection is a thorough process but that is not the case and our representatives do not mind if you skip the wash and detail on your vehicle prior to our title loan vehicle inspection so save yourself some time and money and bring your required documents for approval along with your vehicle just the way that is for your easy title loan approval at Jacksonville Title!

Even vehicles with minor body damage can get approved with Jacksonville Title! Does your vehicle have dents, dings, cracked windows, or damage from a fender bender and that has you concerned that your application will be denied because your vehicle is not in perfect condition? We assure you that at Jacksonville Title, this will not prevent you from getting a title loan! We understand that these inconvenient frustrations on one of the largest and necessary personal assets that every owns way too common and expected on most vehicles since we all spend so much time and rely on our vehicles so much. At Jacksonville Title, we value our customers and their business, we are not a vehicle resale business, so we are able to approve title loans for our customers only using the title to the vehicle as collateral for the transaction, so we are not looking for our customers to have only vehicles that are in perfect condition to grant our approvals for title loans.

If you are concerned or worried about any damages to your vehicle and that is stopping you from getting the cash you need today for your car title, call our friendly representatives from Jacksonville Title today at (904) 880-2274. Our representatives will gladly provide you with an email address where you can send over some vehicle pictures before you visit your local branch to complete your title loan application and get a preapproved quote after doing a remote inspection on your vehicle! Call us today! (904) 880-2274.