My credit is not good do I still qualify for a title loan?

Bad Credit? No Credit? NO PROBLEM! At Jacksonville Title, your credit never plays a factor in your ability to be approved or receive a title loan. In fact, Jacksonville Title never checks your credit at all – not even throughout the application process! We know how difficult it can be to get the money that you need sometimes and how stressful and overwhelming applying for a traditional loan can be. You are more than a credit score at Jacksonville Title! The equity that you hold in your vehicle and your ability to repay your title loan is what will determine your approval amount.

With a title loan, you are applying for a loan in which your vehicle, not your credit is the determining factor in if you qualify. When you get a title loan with Jacksonville Title, you are allowing us to secure a lien on the title to your vehicle which is the collateral for your transaction with Jacksonville Title. The lien is secured, just like a lien is secured when you buy your vehicle at a dealership and a finance company or your bank gives you a loan to purchase the vehicle. The difference between a title loan and auto financing loan is that typically with auto financing loan, you are purchasing a vehicle and when you get a title loan, you are receiving a loan for a short-term transaction that allows you to access the equity that you have in your vehicle. In fact, we have programs that allow for you to receive a title loan even when you are still paying your existing lienholder!

No matter whatever reason you need to access the equity that you have in your vehicle, Jacksonville Title is able to help you! Call our friendly and knowledgeable Jacksonville Title representative now at (904) 880-2274 to answer any additional questions that you may have! We look forward to assisting you!