Need Money for the Holidays?

Does the holiday season leave you short on money? Are you looking for a way to bring in extra money? Our Title pawn service may be just what you need. At Jacksonville Title we can assist you to see if pawning your vehicle title is a good way for you to get much-needed money for the holidays.

money for holidays

The holidays are around the corner, and you still don’t have enough money to cover your expenses.

You want to buy that quick gift, but money is tight and you’re feeling the pain of dejection as well as having a lot of stress worrying about what will happen if you can’t come up with the money fast enough – will you be able to celebrate this Holiday season at all?

The holidays can be a stressful time and not having enough money to make sure your family and friends have a joyous and celebrated holiday makes it even more stressful. Sometimes people with credit problems cannot just use their credit to get a loan to provide a joyous holiday for their family and friends. When you have poor or bad credit but own your vehicle and possess the title, a title pawn can be a good option. If you are located in or around Jacksonville, FL we could be the answer to your money problems.

When Applying for a Title Pawn

It’s important to be aware that this kind of transaction has certain security risks because it involves giving the lender lienholder rights to your vehicle until your loan is paid off. This means that the title pawn must be repaid in the 30-day repayment period, or you will have to extend the title pawn for an additional 30 days.

If you are not able to do this, then you should consider alternative options instead. The only real risk involved with these transactions is if the borrower becomes unable to make monthly payments on his or her vehicle due to outstanding balances on other loans and credit cards.

If you are not sure if you qualify you can apply online with Jacksonville Title or talk to a customer service team member @ (904-880-2274). You will be contacted by one of our customer service representatives to let you know not only if you pre-qualify but how much you pre-qualify for. Once you are pre-qualified you will need to meet certain requirements.

  • Bring your car to one of two locations referenced in the link above so we can inspect it.
  • We will need a driver’s license or state id as well a car title in your name and proof of income and proof of residence. Most people use a bank statement or utility bill with your address on it to show proof of residency.

Is it possible to Qualify with Bad Credit?

Yes, since no credit check is performed the process is quick, and you can walk out with the money you need. Holidays do not need to be stressful. We understand that people have money problems, especially during the holiday season, and having a solution that can allow you to provide a less stressful holiday for your family.  Don’t let money issues prevent you from enjoying the holidays.  Know you have an option that could eliminate this problem.