What do I need to get a title loan?

We make it easy to get a title loan on your vehicle at Jacksonville Title! To get your title loan approved, you will need your title or registration, proof of residency, proof of income, a photo ID, and your vehicle. If you do not have the physical copy of the required documents because you receive the documents electronically or you no longer have the physical copy, you can email the documents before or while you are at our conveniently located branches to complete your title loan application and our representatives will print the copies for your application. Our representatives will work with you throughout the application process to get the copies of the documents that you need to get your application approved!

Title or Registration

In order to get approved for a title loan, the most important document that you need is your title. If your title is electronically held through your state, we can still get you approved without a trip to your local DMV to obtain the physical copy of your title because we can use your registration instead of the actual title.

Proof of Residency

Since we do not have a traditional credit check, we do require proof of residency to complete your application for a title loan. Acceptable forms of proof of residency are a utility bill (power, water, gas, phone, cable, internet, etc.), bank statement, or a lease. We are just looking for the most recent document that you would have for your proof of residency.

Bonus tip: if you receive direct deposit, you can provide your bank statement for both proof of residency and proof of income!

Proof of Income

Although we have a number of programs to assist all applicants with getting approved for a title loan without proof of income, providing proof of income will increase the amount that you will be able to be approved for with Jacksonville Title, so we always recommend that you bring proof of income for your loan application. We can accept a traditional paycheck stub or a bank statement with direct deposit. In some circumstances, we can also accept an official letter from your employer as proof of income if it is provided on company letterhead and you are unable to produce a paycheck stub or bank statement to verify your income.

Photo ID

All applicants are required to verify their identity using a valid State or Government Issued Photo ID. Since most customers have a driver’s license or identification card issued from the state in which they reside, this is usually an easy one for our customers.

Your Vehicle

We will also need to see your vehicle in order to approve your title loan application. As part of the approval process, a representative of Jacksonville Title will need to complete a quick 5-minute inspection of the vehicle in which we gather pertinent information for your specific vehicle to pull the current value to determine the loan amount that you will qualify for. The inspection is a simple process and do not worry, there is no reason to wash and detail your car for this inspection!

If you have any additional questions about the approval process or the documents that you need to get a title loan with Jacksonville Title, please call our friendly representatives at (904) 880-2274 and we will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have!