What is the vehicle year cut off for a title loan?

At Jacksonville Title, we do not have a minimum year requirement that your vehicle has to meet in order to receive approval on your auto title loan. We are able to accept all years, makes and models for our title loan applications.

On our instant email quote application on our website, the options on our website are restricted to 1991 or newer but there is no actual restriction for the vehicle year. If you have a vehicle that is 1990 or older that you are looking to receive an auto title loan on, we are still able to assist you! The service that we use for the integration of the vehicle values on our website is why the oldest vehicle you are able to select is limited to 1991 or newer.

Since the vehicle is the collateral for your title loan, we will be using the current value for your vehicle as part of the determination factor of how much of a loan you will qualify for with your title loan. If your vehicle is an older model, classic car we are able to determine this within your inspection and are able to pull the value for your classic car. We are not limited to just a one size fits all for determining the value and the amount of equity that you have in older aged vehicles due to this!

Want to know how much you could receive today with an auto title loan with Jacksonville Title? Simply fill out the instant quote application on our website to receive your instant quote or call our friendly staff at (904) 880-2274 to get your over the phone preapproval! We look forward to assisting you!