What type of income can I provide to get a title loan?

Proof of income can vary by employer, at Jacksonville Title, we understand that and will work with you on getting your title loan application approved. Typically, for proof of income we ask to see a paycheck stub, a bank statement with direct or regular deposits, a copy of your paycheck from your employer, or in some circumstances, an award letter for your supplemental income, an official letter from your employer if it is provided on company letterhead and you are unable to provide proof of income from a traditional means.

If you are self-employed, we can still assist you with getting your title loan application approved! If you do not have a personal bank account that you typically deposit your earnings into, we can accept your business bank account as proof of income, provided you are able to also prove ownership of the business for the account that you are providing. We are also able to accept a profit and loss statement for the business as well for proof of income along with the proof of ownership of the business in which you are providing proof of income for.

Proof of income is not always required for all loan programs at Jacksonville Title! We have various programs that allow us to assist all customers without the hassle of proving proof of income for their title loan application is approved. Although we are able to work with all applicants, if you are looking to receive a title loan for the max amount that would qualify for, we would need proof of income to get you approved for your max amount. Our no income loan programs are designed to assist applicants gaining the approval for the title loan but will be more restrictive for the amount approval than what we would if you were able to provide proof of income throughout the application process.

Just started your job and you have not received your first paycheck? No problem! We do typically require that you have been on your job for at least 30-days to factor in your income into our title loan products however, we can approve your title loan application with one of our no income loan programs and after you have received your paycheck and have been employed with your current employer for 30-days, we can increase your title loan approval amount and increase your title loan with Jacksonville Title. This gains you access to some of the cash that you need now and access to additional cash after you meet our 30-day income requirement! We have a lot of customers that utilize these programs to assist them with unexpected expenses that always pop up in life!

If you have any questions or doubts about if Jacksonville Title can accept your proof of income or want to learn more about our no income programs, call our friendly and helpful customer service representatives at (904) 880-2274! We look forward to assisting you!