How to Transfer a Car Title to a Family Member

How to transfer a car title to a family member? Transferring your car title is critical to gifting your vehicle to a family member. The car title gives the receiver legal permission to own and drive the car. Therefore it is essential to understand the process before you begin working on it.

how to transfer car title a family member


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Is a Car Title Transferrable?

Before you consider transferring your title, you must determine whether it is transferable. To begin with, consider taking a look at your title. If it bears your name, you can transfer the title promptly.

However, if the title bears the name of a bank or your lender, you need more effort to transfer it. This is also the case when you own a vehicle with someone else. If you and another person own the car, you must agree before transferring the title. The only exception is when the title shows that you or the other person is the owner and allows only one owner to enable the title to transfer.

The Process of Transferring a Title

The transfer of a title can be convoluted, whether an inheritance or a deceased family member’s vehicle. Failing to complete the procedure will expose you and the family member to legal complications. You can obtain the details of a title transfer process from the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV).

Proper documentation is essential to a seamless title transfer process. Therefore it is necessary to complete all the paperwork needed to prevent complications during the process. Besides, you need to ensure the receiver can legally own the car. Immediate family members such as spouses, parents, children, grandparents, and grandchildren are considered eligible for a family member car transfer.

The car title transfer process involves the following:

      1. Odometer Disclosure Statement Reading

Federal and state laws require an individual transferring a vehicle to another person to disclose the current mileage to the receiver. The odometer disclosure statement forms part of the Assignment document.

      2. Assignment of Title

This stage involves two phases; one for the recipient and the other for the owner. The assignment title document should have the vehicle transfer date. Often you will be required to attach the reading statement for the odometer unless you have the odometer disclosure statement. It is advisable to check with your local DMV to determine the requirements you need for the transfer.

      3. Application of Certificate of Title

Another document you should provide during the title transfer process is the Certificate of Title application. If the gift receiver must pay the gift tax of $10, you are required to indicate that on the document.

Affidavit of the Gift Transfer

The motor vehicle gift transfer affidavit is a legally binding document to prove that a gift was issued to someone. Besides, you will have to pay title transfer fees, varying from state to state.

State Transfers

When transferring your car title to a family member who is from your state, the process is straightforward. Both the owner and the receiver have to follow state regulations.

However, there are a few requirements if the receiver is out of the state. You may be required to provide and verify your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This helps prevent fraud or vehicle theft. While this process can be complex, remember that it’s there to protect you or your family member. If you are in doubt, it is essential to consult your local DMV office since the laws vary from state to state.

In cases where the transfer is done, you may have to contact your DMV in the recipient’s state of residence or work with a reliable third party to handle the transfer.

Considerations Before Transferring a Car Title

Before you transfer the title, it is essential to ensure there is no outstanding lien on the car. This means ascertaining that no third party has interest due to unpaid debt. It is also necessary to visit the DMV before you gift the vehicle to see what documents you need, where to sign, and how to handle the transfer of a car with multiple owners.

If you make a mistake or try to clear something from the title, it may affect the transfer process. In this case, you may need to file another form expressing how you made a mistake or apply for another title before completing the transfer.

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